This year I decided to attend Dale Peterson’s S4 Conference, I had high hopes on getting up to date on the latest technology and information in the SCADA security world. After my first two sessions I felt like I was suffering from depersonalization disorder, floating above the room watching the inept presenters attempt to discuss systems and technologies that they too do not fully understand. Not that I am an expert by any means however I would like to feel like I’m getting information from those who do. Having presented at several conferences I too have fallen into the feeling that I needed to include some of the latest buzzwords and attempt to entice interest. I have since discovered that it is always better to stick with what you really know well. We have all had to have dinner with your wife’s friends’ house, whose husband spent 4 solid hours talking about his floor tile business. At dinner that can induce thoughts of suicide by stabbing yourself in the heart with a butter knife, in the right crowd he is a guru. My suggestion, if your presenting, dive deep your expertise and avoid buzzword surfing….

Digital Bond S4 2014