Lighting, Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning provide comfort and safe working conditions. From Military Bases and Hospitals to Banking, SCADA systems enable real-time monitoring and trending of system performance, efficiency and output reportedly to allow the operations to predict problems before they occur. Many systems often email or message engineers on a mobile phone providing notification control issues and system maintenance. Reporting systems monitor and evaluate trends in energy usage, as well as report and log maintenance records to any format desired. The remote viewing of real-time surveillance video, logging of personnel entry/exit, door status, window sensors and dedicated security system monitoring are often included within the building’s automation system. Often thousands of installations dedicated connect via wireless and remote installations, collecting data and reporting back to a centralized facility helps systems manage many locations at once. The security implications of these systems combine to create a national crisis. The need to fully understand the impact of cyber attacks, the attack vectors and how to protect facilities is critical and overlooked.